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I’m Debra Wade, a designer-maker. debREmade is my brand for you to explore my custom made artisan textiles, lovingly recreated in sustainable materials.

An experienced professional, I fulfil commissions for home and fashion. Trained in Dundee, London, Utrecht and Paris - a specialist in machine knitting, I sell to industry and individuals from Europe to the USA.

As a Stitch Festival tutor (Alexandra Palace & Islington Design Centre), I bring art, design and textiles to adults in many settings. These include evening classes, nursing homes and charities, and for additional needs, private parties and individuals. Having shared textiles in nurseries and school, I can help with exams too.

For any questions about Custom made Artisan textiles in Brighton, contact me at debREmade.

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My Work

I’ve created a number of prize winning works and featured in magazines, international textile fairs and TV. Most recently I won a ‘jumbo jet’ Janome sewing machine for my sustainable art jacket "Weapons of Mass Re-construction”. It won by public vote from over 15,000 visitors. This jacket was inspired by Afghan war rugs and the patchwork of rebuilding over scars of terrorism. With delicate fabrics and brutal imagery it camouflages war in the pretty, feminine and familiar. It shows art and craft used to repair and rebuild, so, in re-claimed materials, it allows new growth to begin.

For the topic Freedom, I created a coat called “Babylon in Berlin” based on dragons and walls. With imagery from the Babylonian Ishtar gate, it’s in blue and grey chenille with a graffitied Berlin Wall. Shown on national TV, it featured in several UK magazines.


Artisan Textiles In Brighton my work

 Artisan Textiles In Brighton my approach


My Approach

I love art and design concepts, studied fashion trend forecasting and fabric construction. From spinning & dyes, to weave, knit, and other textile crafts, I’m currently studying Oya and Nanduti lace. As an avid collector of antique, vintage and modern textiles, my own portfolio includes fabric from plastic binders, metallic wrappers and fruit mesh. I've made rugs from t-shirts, jackets from sofas, jigsaw jewellery, bags with chopsticks, not to mention a community project of 100 giant remembrance poppies. This re-used footballs, old vinyl, pans, pots, hub caps, plates, flooring and more.

By sharing design and textiles, I improve my knowledge and techniques, developed over 30 years. In teaching, I tailor classes to individuals, rather than a formal pattern. My Textile Art Classes are fun and relaxing, so people learn new skills, make friends and unwind.






If you would like artisan textiles in Brighton, Sussex, London or the UK, contact Debra at debREmade.





I am very happy indeed with Debra's work and proud to wear the jacket....

I have known Debra Wade for many years and have long been an admirer of her skills with a needle. I recently asked her to design and make for me a jacket, making the material herself as a collage of different shapes, colours and textures. We discussed colours and shape and measurements. In the following weeks, Debra frequently consulted me and ensured she was working to my satisfaction. I visited her to see her progress and she often sent photographs to show the development of the jacket. If there were any alterations to be made she quickly realised what had to be done. When the jacket was finished she delivered it to me and my initial reaction was amazement at the beauty and skill of her work. The jacket was exactly as I had requested. The fabric was an interesting collage of different shapes, textures and colours, all within the colour spectrum I had envisaged. She had paid attention to small details, hand covered buttons, separate velvet cuffs and so much imaginative detail that the jacket is a totally individual work of art. I am very happy indeed with Debra's work and proud to wear the jacket. Pauline Quinton   |     |  


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