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debREmade is a designer run brand of custom made artisan textiles in Brighton UK. British Designer-maker Debra Wade creates a wide spectrum of distinctive textiles, exciting to wear and treasure. Her unique clothing and handcrafted accessories are designed to bring joy and be cherished, as they’re never repeated. Passionate about sustainable fashion and vintage materials, she breathes life into treasures new & old, weaving exciting stories around high quality production.

In her imaginative Textile Craft Workshops, anyone can share Debra’s extensive knowledge and skill. From transforming treasured clothing to creating heirloom rugs, there’s pleasure for all. Sessions are fun and student centred.

If you are interested in booking textile craft workshops in Brighton, Sussex, London or the UK, please contact Debra at debREmade 

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At debREmade a passion for vintage, sustainable craft, lights up all the classes. Debra loves encouraging you to develop your own ideas. Build your creativity at: Friendly textile craft workshops for adults or kids, textile art masterclasses, at Special events or with organisations. Based in Brighton, Debra travels happily throughout  Sussex, London and the UK, and even to other countries.

Start a simple heirloom rug with friends, investigate visible mending, explore knitting or needle felting. For pure pleasure and fun, experience her calm, patient teaching. You’ll complete her classes inspired and confident, with relaxing new skills.



Debra’s innovative sustainable fashion and custom made artisan textiles in Brighton UK, show unique design, heritage and craft. Her prize winning kimono jackets, couture bags and handcrafted accessories are glorious, designed to last for generations.

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In the design studio at debREmade, world colours and fabric history are a passion. Amazing fibres are revived by Debra, to delight again and again. When you choose her innovative ideas, you’ve selected a British designer-maker, spotlighted on TV, in international exhibitions, fashion shows and magazines.

Handcrafting your own designs can be fun, exciting and exhilarating, so Debra teaches textile art classes. For more information about her prize winning fabrics and textile craft workshops in Brighton, call today at debREmade.




 For luxurious Artisan textiles in Brighton, Sussex, London or the UK, please get in touch today at debREmade.

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  Thanks Debra, great job!...

I bought my jeans, two pairs, in the USA many years ago. They were really good and frequently worn so, after a few years, tears and holes appeared. Rather than conventionally patch them I sent both pairs to a creative designer for "visible mending" and waited to see what she would do. Brilliant. They are fully repaired and wearable again and look distinctively original, obviously "designer" styled and unmistakeably unique. Thanks Debra, great job! Stephen Harbor   |     |  

   Debra’s teaching is just perfect, friendly, straightforward and fun....

I’ve become addicted to rug making. Debra’s teaching is just perfect, friendly, straightforward and fun. With her great demos, tips and information I‘ve created my first braided rug. Her free follow-up advice was indispensable. Without her help I would have probably thrown the rug on the floor and stamped on it through sheer frustration but she calmly explained to me how to overcome my mistakes without undoing hours of hard work. I am now the proud owner of a stunning multicoloured braided rug and the smug recipient of many compliments! Thank you Debra. Anne Jennings   |     |  

  She has a great eye for colour and is awash with creative ideas!...

I commissioned Debra to make some cushions for my window seat. She did a great job and I am delighted with the results. She has a great eye for colour and is awash with creative ideas! Stella West   |     |  


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